Order to make Whole

In the pandemic situation Humanity was touched by the Power of Right, the Power of Order. Whether this was experienced as good or bad, Order touched Humanity and the situation was handled through this Order. The pandemic situation has become calmer, but is certainly becoming more chaotic again. Which means the Order that touched Humanity is finding a way to be heard and to be experienced. Humanity is a RACE entitled to Create from the Order given as a base. The Order of White Fire is the INNER of CORE, is Beginning of Human Life. The Order in Emerald Design is the base in which Human is Rooted. Rooting with CORE in the Order of Emerald Design enables Humanity to Create Ordered and to Live within the Order that comes most Natural from CORE. Expressing this CORE is done IN Order of Emerald Design. Because Order of INNER meets Order of Design. This resonates and Encourages to Express IN Order.

Order is the Beginning of Life that is Whole. To Heal Life, to Heal Humanity and to realise the Wholeness of Ordered Creation, Order must be given first. In Order we make way for Details and IN Order is the Path given by Sun and Moon. Terra and Human RACE can be Enlightened form Order. Terra will rise and Cosmos will Expand, IN Order. July is the Month that starts today and it is July that gives Order in the coming period. Within the process of receiving the Aquarian Flame and within the process of Healing that Humanity is in, Order must be given and emphasised. And most important, Order must be recognised to be able to Create Ordered form, a Whole form.

The Reality of Life as the Expressed and material Healing thoughtform, is the Reality of Order as Beginning and as Ending. Applying Will and Truth to create Whole, is applying the Right of Order in the Creative Act. Which is the Natural Act of Human Being. Welcome the Order into Mind, Body and Heart and get to know the resonance of Beginning IN You.

© Ascending All

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