Order makes MORE

Enlightening Life in the Momentum of Truth is giving of the INNER Reality of Being Human. Giving is Creating. Giving is making Life MORE and Enlightening Life in the Promise of Destiny. To be able to give and create Order from within, Maltese Cross is Present on Terra and IN Terra. In the Order of Maltese Cross it is possible to Express the INNER Wish as an Ordered Whole. As a Coloured facet that makes Life MORE. Enlightening All of Life and creating the Expansion of Cosmos is making the Promise of Life Reality in the ongoing Motion of Order.

Ordered Promise is to be Expressed from the INNER Order in which the Promise abides. Human Being is born with Wish and this Wish is the Power of the Promise. Giving to Life and to All in the Wish of the INNER Order, is making the Reality of the Promise fact. A reality that is physical, touchable. Destiny of Human RACE unrolls in the Expression of Order, an Expression of the Ordered Power that is Creative. Creative Power is the Light that Enlightens the world. Creative Power is the ONE that makes Destiny Real and makes Destiny Shine as Creation. The ongoing Truth of Light is ongoing because of the Will in Human RACE that chooses to Express Truth. To Create Truth in Ordered Expression.

Order of Maltese Cross is Geometrical form that supports the Light of Wish to be Creation from White Fire Order. Emerald Design is a physical manifestation of Truth IN Order and encourages the INNER Wish to be given. It is the encouragement to give Truthfully. To give Truth IN Order. White Fire Order is the INNER Power, the Order within Human RACE. Rooting IN Terra is possible because of the Order in Design and the Order within White Fire. Rooted Human Being gives and makes Cosmos Expand. A Rooted Human Being is able to give Light to All and to make this Light a Creation of Order.

ONE Way is the Active Way of Being Human. ONE Way is the Way of Order, Design and Destiny. It is the Path in which fulfilment is Real and the Activity of the Promise.

© Ascending All

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