Order for Worth

Right is a given in Aquarian Age. Realised to materialise the Matrimony of matter and IN Matter. The Matrimony is the Sealed State of Human and Terra and the Sealed State of Wish and Will. Matrimony makes Life Sacred and Whole, which Generates the Ordered Truth in all Atoms and Cells. Order is needed to Materialise Right, to materialise the Righteous Expression of a Detail and to Honour the Aquarian Principles. Order is a basic need for Life to be LIFE and for Human Being to function Worthy and Whole. Worthiness of a Human Being is found in the Union with planet Terra, which means Worth of Human RACE is founded in the fact that Being Human means to be on Terra and to function upon Terra. To function Truthfully and Righteous, Matrimony with Terra is a necessity.

In the Power of LAW the Order is given for Life, for Terra, for Humanity. In the Power of LAW is the Gift of Ordered Lines, given to enable Human RACE to create the Loving Expression of the Detailed Identity and of the Creative Identity. Principles of Aquarius are Honoured IN LAW and every Command is an Expression of this Honour. The Power of LAW is the Love for Aquarius in particular and the Love for Right of GOD Government in General. Experiencing a Love for the Right of GOD, is experiencing The Way of Ruby that can only be lived in Matrimony with planet Terra. Ruby Way is The Way in which Humanity Expresses the Detailed Identity out of Love for Terra, for Order and for the Light of CORE.

Materialising the Gift of a Detailed Identity is materialising the Right of the Detail to Exist and to BE Worthy. Worthiness of a Detailed Identity is the Right of a Detailed Identity to give of itself. IN Order this is possible. Order is given to make Worth physical, to form Worthy Life and Creation. Creative Right of Human RACE is the Worthiness of RACE. Creative Expression is a Gift of Worth to All Life in making All come together in ONE Flame. This Flame is the Aquarian Flame, the Aquarian Tone and Sound. When all is IN Aquarian Tone, Life goes upward and forward as NEW and Righteous.

© Ascending All

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