Order and Space

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Being able to realise Space in Life for Light of INNER is Equal to responding to the Call of your Wish and Heartbeat. Heartbeat IN you beats the Rhythm of CORE, a Rhythm that Pulsates in entire Cosmos. Response to the Call is realising that Rhythm is the Motion of Light and therefore of Life. Life IN Right flows with the Rhythm of Cosmic Order, the Rhythm in which ONE Heart Beats. Space is Present to realise a Flow within, Flow in which Light moves with the Rhythm in Cosmos. Because it does so, Light is Sealed in the Beginning of Cosmic Order and in the Ending of Cosmic Right. Order is Beginning for Light in Motion, Right is the Ending of Light that has Purpose and might be form.

Space IN Human Being is Space that makes Order MORE by realising the Right of Light. By realising the Ending of Light in Ordered Way. The response of Human Being to the Call of INNER is the choice to move with the Rhythm of Cosmos, to move with the Light of Cosmic Order. All Begins in Order, All Begins in Ordered Command of Government.

Every Teaching Lives within the Order given. Every Wish Lives within the Order given. Every Detail Acts in Order and Multiplies Order in the Right use of Creative Wish and in Right Flow that IS in Cosmos.

© Ascending All

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