Opening CORE to be Generous RACE

LAW is in Action to realise GOLD. To realise the Golden Creation made in the Hands of Human RACE. LAW Commands the Direction IN Sun Light and IN Ordered White Fire. LAW Commands the Gift of MAN to be given and the Gift of Life to be realised. In the Commanding Power of the Aquarian LAW is The Way of Ruby. This Way will unroll and will unfold in the Creative Act of Human RACE. The choices of RACE define the Details in Life and define the Reality of the Light of GOD. Which means Creation shows the choices of RACE and will manifest the Light of GOD when RACE knows it IS GOD in the Creative Act.

Power of LAW is needed to open up the CORE and to open up the Ability in RACE to be a True Alchemist. Being Alchemical in Being Creative, is Being Human IN CORE and IN the Promise of Life. Every Detailed Identity in RACE has given VOW to manifest the Dream of the Age of Aquarius. This Dream can only come to pass when the Lines of LAW are given in Commands. And when these Lines are Honoured by RACE. Creative Truth of RACE is the Truth of GOD IN RACE and makes RACE the Alchemical Righteousness of Being GOD, of Being Divine.

Ruby in CORE is the Divinity of the Creative Power. It is the Divinity of ONE Living Tone that resonates in the entire RACE. To welcome the Tone of Aquarius is to welcome the Divine State of Human RACE. To form the realisation of Truth, of Honour, of Light. When LAW is Obeyed, Right is given in Creative Act. When LAW is realised as Life, as the Living VOW that Life is, Life is formed as the Golden Realisation of ONE RACE. ONE RACE Lives in ONE Direction. ONE RACE Gives in ONE Reflection. ONE RACE may Live way of Equality, of Generosity. The Generous Light of GOD is in every Human Being. Activating this Light is in Power of LAW and in the Power of Ruby CORE. The more CORE opens up, the more RACE will be a Generous Humanity.

© Ascending All

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