ONE Life on Terra

ONE Life is given to realise NEW in the Age of Aquarius. This is the Age of Rebirth, or Resurrection. Which means it is the time for NEW. NEW is MORE than Renewal. NEW is what has never been and what is Original. It comes from the Right of Aquarius to be NEW and to create NEW. This Right is Active in the Order of Cosmos and in the Willingness of Human RACE to create NEW. Every form made in the Act of Creating is a form that Lives within the Power of Creativity. IN Creativity is White Fire and Order, IN Creativity is Way to Honour the Aquarian Age and her Reign. The Reigning Truth of Aquarius revives RACE and gives Opportunity to make All ONE.

The Order of Cosmos is Present in Terra to give Light and Right to Human RACE. Order in Cosmos is IN Terra, realising her Orbit around Sun. Within this Orbit is the Gift of Life for Human RACE. Within this Orbit is the Living NEW that is created in Human’s Creativity. All of Life is Active in the Tone of Aquarius to give Opportunity to All and to make All ONE. The ONE of Life is to be created with the Willingness of Humanity, serving the Light of Sun and the Right of Cosmos. Which is serving the Right of Terra to be Present in Solar System. Service is the way to make form Geometrical, to make form Right according to the Life on planet Terra. Geometrical means it lives IN Terra and with Terra. It is Life that belongs to her Light and Right, to her place in Cosmos.

An Ordered form of Life on Terra, is a Geometrical form. Because it is Life on Terra. Human RACE is RACE that Lives on Terra which makes Human RACE Creator of Geometry. RACE is capable of Honouring the Light and of fulfilling a service to the Whole of Cosmic Order. Doing so makes All create the Perfection of Geometry, which is the Perfection of ONE Expression that Lives in ONE Direction. The Direction in Aquarius is the Direction to make All Life NEW, to make All Life an Active Right in Solar System.

© Ascending All

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