ONE Aquarian Way

ONE Way of my CORE is The Way of Truth and Healing. ONE Way is the Gift to Human RACE to show the Detailed formations of the Aquarian Constellation upon planet Terra. And within RACE as ONE Expression, ONE Creation. The way to go is The Way of Truth in the Tone of Aquarius and in the Perfection of the Vision for this Age. Destiny of Aquarius is created by resonating with the Vision for this Age and by Living IN the Tone of the constellation as ONE Whole. ONE Tone of Aquarius Sounds and brings forth the Constellation as ONE Gift and ONE Direction. This Direction is to be Honoured when the Light is Honoured. Honouring the Light is the Light within Terra, the Light within your Being. Within is the Light of Ordered Wholeness and of Ordered Promise.

The Promise of my Heart is Truth. The Promise of Human RACE is given in Truth. As ONE RACE we are able to fulfil the Aquarian Way and Destiny. But, we need to choose for the Aquarian Way and the Constellation of Aquarius. We need to choose for the Action of the Tone in Aquarius. This Tone touches the imperfections, the disorder and the chaotic creation. This Tone embraces the Atoms and Cells to Enlighten them and to bring Order and Design. The Design of Emerald upon planet Terra is a Design Active IN Tone of Aquarius. The entire Design resonates with and IS the Tone of the Aquarian Age. Design of Emerald is given as a base for RACE to Root in Terra, which is to Root in the Aquarian Promise and Destiny.

Rooting in the Destiny of Terra is starting to Commune with the Constellation of Aquarius, it is starting to bring forth the Vision for this Age. Being Creative as Human Being is Being Creative as The Way. ONE Way in RACE is the Way in Aquarian Tone. The entire Age of Aquarius will unroll in the Sounding Truth of this Tone. Which means the Tone will sound for two thousand years more. Inviting the Details and Directing the Light to create HOME as the Expression of Aquarian Right.

© Ascending All

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