Obeying Tone

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In Powerful Communion the Reign of Aquarius is given by the Tone of this Age. In Creative Will and Creative Power is the Passionate Truth of your Being. Within Being is Way to Accelerate Life with the Light of your Being and the Light of Sun. Directed Light, Light in Motion, Accelerates Life when it Resonates with the Tone of the Reigning Age, the Reigning Constellation. The Authority of Constellation makes Life MORE, makes entire Cosmos MORE. Light Directed within the Principles of Aquarius Resonates with the Tone of this Age. In Authorized Tone is Future. The Authority of Aquarius Reigns to realise Life in Motion, to make Life continue in the Right of Creative Wish in Human RACE. Humanity may be Creative, but Aquarius may give Right for this Creativity. And Right Sounds in the Tone of Aquarius, in the Tone of Authority.

Authority of Aquarius makes All Life MORE and gives NEW to All. The Authority is Active in Tone, in Resonance, to realise a NEW form. Creative Humanity can Obey the Authority of Aquarius, can be Truthful to the Right to Create according to the Authority of Aquarius. Being Active within this Authority is Being able to form Eternal and to renew Life. Obeying the Authority IN Right is Obeying the Resonance of Tone. Tone of Authority Resonates in the Truth and Promise of Aquarius, in the Dream of Aquarius. Aquarius opens doors with the Tone that Sounds and makes Space for a NEW Creation to Blossom. It is Natural for Humanity to Honour the Right of Authority. It is Natural within the Passionate Wish, within the Will to create Life. Which means it is Natural to hear the Tone of Authority, the Tone of Aquarius. It is Natural to Obey the Resonance of this Tone while Being creative.

Your INNER Passion functions attuned with the Authority of an Age. This is how your Passionate Wish has Authority to Reign; to create and form. The Powerful Authorised Right of Creativity is the Natural Power of Humanity. It means the Creative Act resonating with the Tone of Aquarius, is Authorised and Truly Powerful. Authorised Power gives, Expresses and adds to Life. It is of importance that Humanity starts to hear the Tone of Aquarius and starts to Resonate with this Tone when we Wish to realise the Dream of Aquarius. The Communion of Details is Active within the Authority of Aquarius. The Tone of Aquarius is the base Tone for Details. In the Sounding Authority Communion is possible. Communion of Details serving ONE Righteous Creation.

A Righteous Creation Honours the Tone of Aquarius, the Tone of the Authority. A Righteous Creation is formed in the Obedient Nature of Humanity that Expresses Creativity in ONE Tone. ONE Creation is the result, ONE Life. An Eternal Life that serves, hears and Obeys the forthgoing Motion in Cosmos of Authority and Right.

© Ascending All

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