Northern Spirit

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Spirit Reveals Light of the King, a King in Northern Truth.  Spirit opens Way of Reality, the Reality of Equal Nature. Equal Nature is the Truth of Spirit and Matter, Truth of Being Aligned with the Order in LAW. In Alignment with the Direction of Sun that comes from Northern Pole, ONE is Able to realise the Equality with Nature and IN Nature. Within this Equal Truth is Way of CORE, The Way to Express INNER Wish and Harmony. Enlightening the Path of HOPE is Being the Equality and realising Creative Actions in Harmony with Nature. Nature is able to form Active Light of Northern Truth and to form Active Right of LAW. Right of LAW is the Right to be formations. Right to be form.

LAW is given in Order and manifest to come forth in the Equal Tone of Future, Tone of ONE Way in Order. Tone Lives to Glorify Nature and Human Being, to Glorify Activity in CORE of All. NEW is the Gift of LAW in Nature, Active to be the Aquarian Way. NEW is the Gift of Right in LAW that makes itself Alive as form. Come forth IN LAW and Northern Truth to be able to Create. Come forth in the Breath of Spirit to give All Light that makes Revelation Reality.

© Ascending All

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