NEW Year’s Will

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Organising Will

Welcome in the Light of 2022. Welcome in the NEW Order that is given for this Year. A Vision, a NEW Vision.

We are here, Gathered in the Roots of the Tree of Life*. Gathered to Unite our Beings, our Hearts and our Details to give ONE Wish for Humanity. We give ONE Wish for the RACE that is to be GOD’s RACE, to be Creative. To be Creator of the Aquarian Age.

We are Gathered in the Beginning of 2022 to give a Vision and to Empower this Year with the Beauty of the Crystal Consciousness, with the Beauty of the Clarity of this Consciousness. Crystal Consciousness is the Consciousness giving of itself in the Union of Creator Consciousness and Virgin Consciousness. You have a Clarity within Yourself that gives Vision and that makes it possible that you Create the Vision for the Aquarian Age or that you Create a Vision for the Year 2022. It is a NEW Year and therefore NEW Opportunity, NEW Chances and NEW Light is given. Yu are given Light to Create this Year and to come forth as Human RACE and as Creator. This Light can be used, may be used, in your Creative Ability, your Creative Will.

We are Gathered and we like to be Organised. In Organising we Wish to Organise your Will; your Willingness and your Will. Organising your Will means that we Clarify your Will. That we Purify the Will. So you get Acquainted with the Willingness within your Heart or the Willingness within your Crystal Consciousness. Because when you are Willing to Serve All Life or Willing to Serve a Wholeness, you can Realise the Will in Freedom or the Will within your Wish. This is the Will that is able to Create in the Organisation for the Aquarian Age or able to Create within the Order of LAW or in the Order of Maltese Cross.

We Emphasise in the Year 2022 that you are Creative. You are Creative because you are Willing and because you have a Will to give. It is a Will that is given to Life, to Light, to Order of White Fire, to the Origin. A Will that is given to LAW and Government. A Will that is given to Vision. All this is needed to make 2022 and to make Life the Reality of Gods Vision. Or the Reality of Gods Creative Ability and thus a Clear Creation. Within Crystal Consciousness the Ability is given to Create Clarity, a Clear Creation, an Immaculate Mother (Matter).

To form Life from the Immaculate Truth or from the Roots of Tree of Life, from the Reality of the Wishes in Humanity, we give an Organisation. We give an Organised Will and Organised Willingness. In the Willingness to Create, in the Willingness to Serve All Life, in the Willingness to make Life Clear and Transparent, is the Beauty of your Creativity and the Beauty of your Wish.

Human RACE is a RACE that is full of Wishes, of Dreams and of Imagination.

We Invite this Imagination and we Ignite this Imagination. Because in Imagination you will be Free to Create. In Imagination you will be Able to Attune with the Vision given for this Year or with the Vision of Life. When you Attune with the Vision, you will Attune with the Order for Life. With the Order and the LAW for Life. You Will be the Realisation of the Ordered Motion that is given in Creativity. Because Creativity is the Perfection and Purity of Reflection and Direction. In this Perfection is Motion, an Ordered Motion. From Crystal Consciousness you may Create Clarity and you may Create Ordered Motion. Ordered Motion as Life, Comfortable Life, or Immaculate Mother (Matter).

So come forth in your Willingness to Serve All Life. Realise that we have a Vision for All of Life, for All Details upon Altar of Life. Realise that we give Organised Will and that you have a Willingness within you, to Obey, to Honour and to Serve. In this Willingness is the Truth of Human RACE, the Truth of Creativity. Truth of Creativity is Full of Light, Full of Order and Full of Right. Truth of Creativity is the most Inner Ability of Humanity. It  is this Inner Ability that makes you ONE RACE, that Obeys ONE LAW and Honours ONE Order. Within this Order the Cosmic Motion will be Active in daily Life. Cosmic Motion will be Active in the form given to Life. This is the form that you will Create because you Honour. Because you are Willing to BE Human.

* Rooting was our Goal for 2021

© Ascending All

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