NEW Way of the Cross in Tone

The Tone of Aquarius Sounds in Water and Air, in Fire and Earth. Tone of Aquarius brings Motion in the Light of GOD to Accelerate the Perfection of Future and to give a NEW perspective that makes all rise. The rising Truth of Human RACE is the Truth of ONE Way and ONE Direction. A Truth in which the Living Principles of the age are created as Life.  Life is the Promise of Eternal Direction. The Promise of the Living Truth that is Active in CORE of Being. This CORE realises the Flowers to Blossom and the Details to Spring. Detail by Detail shows her face, shows her Beauty of the everlasting Truth of Aquarian Principles.

The Sound of Aquarius in all the Nature Elements gives HOPE and spreads the Prayer of Mother in which the immaculate Vision is emphasised. So all may Live and Breathe within this Vision and can come to the Reality of ONE Living Way. Way of Active Design in the Order of Maltese Cross. Cross Lives in the Gift of Sun and Moon. Cross Lives in the Reality of Promised Future. The NEW Way of the Cross is the NEW Active Reality of the Tone of Aquarius that spreads itself. Spreading the Righteous Momentum to all of Life.

Beginning The NEW Way of the Cross is Beginning to walk IN Teaching, IN Northern Enlightenment and IN Active Emerald Design United with the CORE of Blueprint. Many Principles of the Age are Activated within this Blueprint to stir up the Will in RACE and to Awaken the Northern Direction. Gift is IN Direction and formed by Reflection. Gift is IN the Promised Land of HOPE and Glory. The Land of Equal Response to Nature and CORE.

© Ascending All

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