NEW Moon

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All Live to receive the Light of Terra, enhanced by the reflection of Moon and Direction of Sun. All Live to realise the destined Truth of Terra her Way and of Dream from the Beginning. Manifesting the Truth of Human Way is done in receiving the Light of Sun and being Willing to Live in the Reflection of Moon. When a NEW Moon starts, the Light is Welcomed and Invited in RACE. Invited to come forth in the Light of the current Authority. Moon that closes has given of her Full potential for which we are thankful.

Living and Breathing upon Terra is Living with the Rhythm of Sun and Moon, Living in the Motion of Light. WAY of Love is the WAY of CORE, Way of the Original Intent. Life is Glorified in the Precision of Truth and in the Righteousness of Truth. Life is MORE in the Active Sign of Aquarius that comes with the Reflection of Moon. All in the Light is Active in the Sign of Aquarius and in the Constellation and Details. Living the NEW is Living the Power to Accelerate Light, to Accelerate All Life. Moon comes with the Beauty of Pluto and welcomes All to Accelerate the Light of Aquarian Reign and Tone.

© Ascending All

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