New Moon of Sirius

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Gift of Order

This morning we came together in the forest nearby Domain Groot Besselink. We stood in the position of the Vitruvius man. It was a motion in Order. Maria gave the following dictation. Time 08.44.


We Invite the Power of Sirius. We Welcome the Order of God’s Government, the Order that Lives in the Heartbeat of Cosmos, the Order that Lives in the Motion of Cosmos.

Ordered Government is a Gift to All to Realise the Manifestation of Love, of Loving Creation. It is the Gift given to Begin Creation, to Begin Life and to Begin even your Creativity. Creativity Expressed in the Ordered Reality of God’s Name, of God’s Tone is Creativity that forms the Beauty in Cosmos, it forms the Beauty of Eternity; a Detailed Life. Detailed Life is Comfortable. Detailed Life is Beautiful. Detailed Life is Ordered. To Welcome the Order in Cosmos is to Welcome the Order on planet Terra and within Human RACE.

So Welcome Sirius, Welcome its Light, Welcome its Brightness. In the Brightness of Order you see what is disorder. In the Brightness of Order you see what is your Truth; the Truth of your Gift, the Truth of your Detail, the Truth of your Wish. Your Wish Beats within the Order of Cosmos. Your Wish Pulsates in the Order of Cosmos. And within the Motion of Cosmic Order you are Alive and Aligned with All that is Alive. Bring forth the Manifestation of Order. Bring forth the Power of the Moon in Order. Because the Power of the Moon is Reality in the Ordered Truth that is given in Sirius.

Terra has a Moon to Reflect the Power of Order. Terra has a Moon to Reflect the Details in Human RACE and she will do so Orderly. So Breathe in the Gift of Order, Breathe in the Gift of Reflection. Breathe in that Terra will be a HOME, a HOME that lives in Ordered Wholeness.

© Ascending All

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