NEW Moon of Pluto – Create a Golden Future

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We came together for the New Moon of Pluto. We held our hands in pray position.


Come Forth in the Light of Aquarius. Come Forth in the Tone of this Day.

I give to Humankind a Way, a Purpose. I give to Humankind a Line to become More. In my Radiation, in my Spinning of Light is the Reflection and Direction to find the Purpose and Destiny of Living, to find and to become Aware of the Destiny in your Creativity. You are Creative in Wish and Will. You are Creative in being Loving and Honourable. In your Creativity the Destiny is needed. The Destiny brings Purpose, brings Light, brings Motion.

You Receive the Spinning of my Axes, you Receive the Spinning of my Truth to Accelerate the Light of Aquarius and the Tone of Aquarius within your being, within Awareness and within Consciousness. You have Opportunity to become Aware and Conscious of the New Tone that Sounds in Cosmos, a New Tone that brings you Life, Light and Gold. Within the Reality of this Gold is Future. Within the Reality of this Gold is your Purpose, your Destiny, the Fulfilment of your Wish.

You Wish in your Creativity. You Love in your Creativity. You are Willing to Honour and Obey within your Creativity which means that All this is Being in your Core. You are Active in Core, Alive in Core. You Move within the Order of White Fire, within the Reality of your Motion. Ordered White Fire is given Destiny because I Spin, because I give my Light, my Being and my Purpose.

In the Celebration of Life you Celebrate Light. You Accelerate Light by being Willing to choose Light. And when you choose Light you choose yourself to Be God in the Acceleration of the Aquarian Reality, the Acceleration of the Aquarian Alchemy.

Be thus the Alchemist as Human Being. Be the Alchemist as Humanity, Human in Unity. Find Purpose, Root in Core. Realise the Destiny to Create a Golden Future, a Golden Planet.

I Am in Solar System. I Am Present within your Being. I Am Present within your Spinning Truth. I Welcome the Light of God. I Welcome the Power of Merlin. I Welcome the Right to be Creative within you as Human Being so you may Awaken in the Destined Right of Wishful Living.

© Ascending All

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