New Moon of Love – Loving Truth of Will

Breathe in and Breathe out. Give Motion to your Life, give Motion to Light. Bring Forth the Reality of Reflection because Light is in Motion. Light is in Motion in the Order of Cosmos and Moon of planet Terra moves the Light by Reflecting the Truth of the Core of this planet, by Reflecting that what needs to be seen by Human RACE; by Humanity.

You have chosen to Free the Will, to Liberate the Will in Humankind. You may ponder upon the question: “What is the Core of your Will?” You are born with a Wish or with a Promise and within this Wish you have the Ability to bring Love to this planet. You have the Ability and the Choice to Love Life, to make Life More and to Multiply Light.

The Reflection of the Moon is Multiplication of Light and giving Motion to Light. Realising this Motion Emphasises the need to Multiply the Light. In the Creative Ability of Human RACE is the Precision of Multiplication a fact. When you use your Creative Ability, you Multiply Light in a very Specific and Precise manner. And in this Way you are an Alchemist, you are able to Create and Form Love. It is true that Love needs to be given in Will or that Will needs to be given in Love. Liberating the Will, so Will is used Lovingly means also that in Creative Ability you need to Form or Create Love.

Planet Terra has a Ruby Core and this Core may Express itself as the Form of Love, the Truth of Love as it is seen in the All Seeing Eye and as it is given in the Will of God or Will of Creator. You are Creator and you have a Will. Liberating the Will in the Truth of Love is Liberating the Fact that you are born with a Wish. Because the Wish is the Love for Life, the Love for this planet, the Love for Nature and Nature Elements and Elementals. It is the Love for the RACE itself as Humanity.

Receive thus the Reflection of the Moon that is given, to give Multiplication to Light or Multiplication to Love. Ponder upon the Question: “What is the Core of your Will?” “What is the Beginning of your Will or the Will of Humanity?” Be Free in the Aspect of Loving Will. Be Free in the Truth of your Will to Create. The One Ability that makes Humanity, Humanity is the Ability to Create. Use this Wisely as is given in the previous Moon. And use this Lovingly as you may learn now in the Reflection and Multiplication of the Light, the Light that is Born in every minute of the Day, in every Second of the Day. And the Light that is Reflected so Motion is given in every Second of the Night.

Welcome Reflection. Welcome a New Moon that brings forth the Power of Creativity in the Loving Way, the Loving Truth of Will. Liberate the Will in Humankind. Liberate the Way of the Aquarian Right.

© Ascending All

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