New Moon of Freedom and Opportunity

A NEW Detail may be seen 04.53

We Serve Life and we Serve Light by Welcoming the New Moon. In this New Moon we have chosen the Power of Freedom, Opportunity, Gratitude and Grace. We have chosen the Power of Merci to Realise itself within Terra and within Human RACE.

The Reflection of this New Moon will give us Opportunity to raise as Human Beings, to raise as ONE RACE. Within the Freedom of Will is our Opportunity to Create, our Opportunity to be Present within the Consciousness and Awareness of Humanity.

And we are Realising the Opportunity of our Lives which is the Opportunity in the Light of Sun and Moon. We Realise that we are Creative to be the Expression of Gods Face and to give Form to Gods Wish. Being Creator or being the Alchemist is the Power of Humanity and is always the Opportunity. In the Freedom to be Creative is the Righteous Will that we may use to be the Direction and to be the Reflection of the Light that is given, Light in Terra, Light in Sun and Light in Moon.

We have the Authority to be Creative. We have the Authority to Realise ourselves as ONE RACE. And within this Authority we may use the Light Righteous. We may use the Light to Form Life, in the function of Future, in the function of Order, in the function of the Vision of Elohim. May we Welcome the Moon that is New. May we Welcome the Direction of Sun that is in the Age of Aquarius. May we Welcome the Reflection of this Direction to Create the Aquarian Age according to the LAW and Principles of this Age. When we meet Light of the New Moon, we meet the Light of Freedom, we meet the Light that Resonates with the Tone of the Aquarian Age. And within this Tone we Abide, within this Tone our Bodies are Active. Within this Tone we Accomplish the Future that comes from Age to Age.

Realise that the Light is given New. Realise that the Light is given as a New Reflection. Therefore a New Detail is Enlightened and a New Detail may be seen within yourself, within yourself as RACE, within yourself as Human Being.

Welcome the Man that is Enlightened. Welcome the Woman that is Bright. Welcome the Right of Creativity in the Union and Harmony of Sun and Moon.

© Ascending All

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