New Moon of Chiron – Be in Motion

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We came together for the New Moon of Chiron. We know that there are more possibilities in connecting with the Cosmos. We can receive the impulses of the Aquarian age.


Come into the Order of Cosmos. Come into the Motion of Light. Realise that your Life is a Motion within Solar System centred upon the Sun. Be Aware of the fact that your Life of Terra is in Motion and that your Life as Human Being is in Motion within the Orbit of your planet. You have chosen to inhabit this planet to Be Human, you have chosen to Realise the Perfection of Form within Ordered Space. This is your choice because you are Human, this is your choice because you are Male and Female.

Receive the Truth of Motion of Cosmos, the Truth that is given in ONE Ordered Motion. Bring forth the Light that is Reflected by Moon and Directed by Sun. Bring forth this Light as Life. In the practical reality of your daily Life you have many examples of Light in Motion, you have many examples of your Creative Abilities. You are Welcome to meet these examples, to see them. You are Welcome to meet your Creative Ability. You are Welcome to Realise your Life within the Ordered Cosmos within the Cosmic Motion.

Be IN Motion in the Reflection of this New Moon. Be IN Motion in the Perfection of ONE Solar System, a System that Lives because of Order, a System that IS because of Order. You are Human RACE, you are born to be Creative. You are Human RACE born upon planet Terra. Honour this planet while Honouring her Motion, her Orbit around Sun. And while Honouring her Orbit you will find your place in Cosmos, your Ordered Place as a Detail that Lives within the Whole.

Welcome thus the Light of Moon, the Reflection that can only be given as Motion and in Motion. Welcome the Light that makes you Live every day. Welcome the Motion, the Ordered Truth of this Light and your Life will unfold as the Eternal Truth of ONE Design, a Design Active upon Terra, Active within your Very Own Wish.

© Ascending All

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