NEW Moon Neptune

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Moon is renewed, Clear to give Space in the planets and in Solar System. Moon is Active to bring forth Reflection of the Power of Neptune, the Power that Seals Light in the Blissful form of Nature. The Activation of Neptune her Right in Solar System is of importance to realise NEW Way of Aquarius and to bring the Righteous and Ordered Aquarian Reign. Living as Nature in the Reign of Aquarius requires a Conscious Water Element, a Conscious Right of Living. This Conscious Right is Reflected in the Moon of Neptune, the Truth of Neptune her Active Light.

Being Alive on Terra and serving the Light of Sun and Terra her Moon, is Being Alive to Commune with the planets in Solar System and to meet with the Power of Neptune. Neptune her Power is Active to give Solar System a Sealed Light, a Sealed Path in the Universe. All Light of Neptune is concentrated within her CORE to Express the Right Orbit around Sun. Aligned with Sun she brings Right for All and a NEW Path of Glorious Consciousness that Reigns in Active Light of Awareness.

Celebrate the planet Neptune and learn from her. Celebrate her Truthful CORE and make Neptune MORE than she is in Consciousness of Humanity.

© Ascending All

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