New Moon – Faithfull Will

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We came together for the first New Moon in 2022. We brought our attention to the Moon. This morning we connected to the Cosmos. We made rotations like the moon with our hands in pray position


I Accelerate the Power of Reflection. I Accelerate the Motion in Cosmos and the Motion in Order. I do so to give you a NEW Perspective of Reflection and Direction. I do so to give you a NEW Perspective and a NEW Vision that is given in the Light and Right of Will and Faith.

The Vision that comes from Elohim is the Vision needed to create upon Terra. A Vision that may Expand in consciousness of Humanity. I give the Vision of Elohim in the Power of Will. And I do so to get acquainted with the Reality of Terra. You may be acquainted with the Reality of your Creativity, the Creative Power that Lives within Direction and Reflection. But how do you Direct in using your Will? Or how do you Reflect in the Promise of Faith? And how do you Direct in the Promise of Faith? And how do you Reflect in the Reality of Will?

Will and Faith are Interconnected in the Motion and Order of Cosmos. Will and Faith are aspects of Life and aspects of Humanity. Because you are Human Being, you may Learn to apply your Will in Right and in Order. You may Learn to apply Will, to create the Beauty of planet Terra, the Beauty of your very own Detail. Detailed Expression is the Promise in the Aquarian Age and is the Hope of this Age. Detailed Expression is only possible when the Will is Liberated.

We are here Present to assist you and to present you the Power of Will in the Truth of Faith. Therefore you may come forth as Humanity in Will and Faith or in Faithfull Will. Be thus United with the Core of planet Terra, rooted to be the Expression of the Willingness to Serve All Life. And in the Willingness to Serve is the Love in which you Realise the Motion of ALL. Ordered Motion is the Gift of Cosmos and within this Gift, within Cosmos, you are willing and you are Full of Will to be Creative. Full of Faith to be Creative.

Call upon the Archangels of Will and Faith. Call upon the Promise of the Aquarian Age and the Destiny of Terra. Call upon the Right that you have to be Creative, to be Creator and Creation. Call upon this Right because Right Lives in your Will. Right Lives within the Manifestation of your Creative Power.

We bring the Vision, the Vision of Elohim and in so doing you are Sealed, Sealed to use your Willingness, Sealed to Serve Life on planet Terra. Sealed to be Creative in the Perfection of Faithfull Will.

© Ascending All

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