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To innovate the Expression of Life, it is Human Consciousness that needs to be innovated. What makes sense if we wish the world to be more than it was in the past and if we realise that Life is always able to grow and to develop. In the development of the human mind, consciousness itself has not been able to expand. It is the mental capacity in Human RACE that has developed and has gained knowledge. But what if only knowledge does not serve Life as a Whole or as Worthy? Then we need more than knowledge alone and we invite our Consciousness to step in. Consciousness is more than our way of thinking. Consciousness is our way of Creating and behaving. Because our behaviour defines what we create.

Consciousness is our Creative Doorway, it decides how Light is perceived, how Life is perceived and what we do with both. To be able to give Growth to our Creative Ability, Consciousness needs Expansion. Which can only be given by the Power of Awareness. Awareness Enlightens Consciousness and shows ourselves how Consciousness functions and what Consciousness realises. The manifestation of Life nowadays, is not much Aware. Which means we have not Enlightened within our Consciousness, how Life functions and what Life truly is in its Right potential.

If we wish to innovate Life her Expression, we need to find our CORE of Consciousness. And we need to find the point of our Awareness. Human Awareness. A State and Motion that sees, that notices, that Enlightens by seeing. Consciousness is seen by the Light of Awareness. Creative Ability that is active IN Consciousness, is seen by Awareness. Which makes Creative Ability more powerful. To be Aware of the Creative Power in Consciousness or of Consciousness, gives Creativity a Boost of Light. Which enables the Creative Wish IN Human Being to be Expression in the Order of the Whole. This Order is given in Blueprint, Emerald Design, Maltese Cross and Aquarian LAW.

Innovating Life means to innovate yourself. By aligning yourself with the Order that Reigns Today. And in this Alignment you will resonate with the Aquarian Tone, Truth and Principles. This resonance is innovative. This resonance is the NEW.

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