Motion to Blossom Naturally

ONE Way is the Gift of Eternal Direction and HOPE. A Gift in which Blossom is the Natural consequence. Detailed Identity Blossoms in Motion of Power and Motion of Order. The Ordered Will is Powerful and Active in Human Being to be Creative and Alchemical, to be a Giver in realising Life from Light. The ongoing Motion of Cosmos and the ongoing Motion of Will IN RACE, manifests itself as the Willingness to Multiply White Fire Order and as the Power to Create Eternity. The Light of Sun and Moon give ONE Way and a Destined Direction. This Way can be formed as the Path of HOPE in which Life is Active in the Rejoicing Truth of Cosmos.

Cosmic Motion is a Motion because Cosmos itself Rejoices over the fact that Light can be Life and that Light is Ordered in Expansion. The Expansion of Cosmos is only possible in the Ordered Truth of Cosmos. Rejoicing over the Light and over the Multiplication of Light, is only possible when Order is the Beginning and the Ending. Cosmic Order is formed as Life, as daily Life, in the Ability of Human Being to be Creative in the Motion of ONE Way, of Direction and HOPE. HOPE is The Way to come forth in the Glorious Activity of Creativity. HOPE is the form that is made in Living the Ordered Motion and Honouring this Motion in Light.

The Power of Joy and to Rejoice Lives Naturally in the Alchemical Power of Human RACE. Being Alchemical in Creative Ability is Being Active IN Rejoice. Being Active while being Grateful for the Light and Order of White Fire, realising that Way is continuously ongoing and forthcoming in the Motion of Order. Principles of Aquarius are given to realise Motion of Light. Principles of Aquarius are given to ensure the Motion of Order and Light, whereby the Light can remain Free. Free Light can be Directed by the Free Tone and Act of Will, the Free Tone in which Obedient Nature Blossoms.

Blossoming Nature is Blossoming Truth of Human Being, the Truth of a Detail IN Cosmos, IN Creative Act. Welcome the Motion of Order and Light to realise a Detailed Action in Creative Obedience.

© Ascending All

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