Motion of Vastness

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Experiencing the vastness of Life is only possible in the Ordered Truth of the Whole. Order of Cosmos Lives in the Motion of Terra and the Motion of all other planets Orbiting around Sun. Sun is the focal point for these planets. To have a focal point, a centre to be focused upon, gives a path to make Order Reality. Ordered Truth of Cosmos is the Ordered Truth in which vastness of Cosmos can be Experienced or seen. The Truth of Order makes Creation Light and Beautiful. Creating in Order or from the Experience of vastness is creating an ordered Expression that comes from the centre you focus upon. When centred in CORE, you realise the Order of Cosmic Motion within the Creative Act. You make Creation of Ordered Truth and bring an Expression of the CORE Identity.

This Identity is Active in the Will of GOD and in the Wish of Human Being. Wish of Human Being is Truly Alive in GOD’s Will. When you apply your Creative Ability you apply the Will of GOD in Union with Wish in CORE. CORE is the Centre of your Being and gives you a Path of Order. In CORE is the Order of White Fire, an Ordered Source for Life. Expressing CORE makes Life and makes Ordered Life. Life IN Order created, Honours the Detailed Wishes in Humanity and forms a Whole. In Wholeness is Eternity, Eternal Motion. In Wholeness is the Promise of Light and of Comfort. Comfortable Living is Living in the Expressed CORE, in Creation ONE with Creator.

Being Human is being response able to the Power and Order of CORE in RACE. Human RACE is Authorised to create with the Power of CORE, the Power of White Fire Order. Creating gives Expression of Ordered White Fire. This is an Expression in which the vastness of Life is seen and felt. Seeing the vastness of Life is seeing the Wholeness of Creation. A Wholeness that Lives in Motion of Order, Motion of CORE.

© Ascending All

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