Mother Terra

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ONE Ancient Flame touches All Flames in the Reality of the Destined Truth of the current Age. The Flames of the Ancients of Days are Activated in the Power of Terra and in her Wish to Nurture Humanity. Her Nurturance is the Power that gives Life and that makes Life possible on Terra. At first you are created with the Wish and Will that causes you to be Human. But Human cannot live without the Nurturance of Terra. She gives her Light and Being to the Prosperity of Humanity and to the Light IN Humanity that can build Future. This Light is the Creative Light or the Power of Creator. Creator is Nurtured by Terra, Nurtured by the Gift of Terra her CORE. She is Alive in the Vision of Elohim and in the Divine Plan of Kumaras, but the reason for her Life is to be Altar for Humanity. Which means Humanity is seen in the Vision of Elohim, seen in the Active Vision for the Age of Aquarius.

To realise Life in Aquarian Principles and based upon the Order of Government, Ancient Flames are Activated to make Life an Ordered Whole. Aquarius is the Age that makes Origin rise again and that gives the Light of Wish into the Immaculate Conception seen in the Immaculate Vision of Virgin Mother. The Wish in Humanity can rise as the Immaculate Truth and above all Worth of Human Being. Being Human is Being Worthy to be Creator, Being Worthy to create Life in the NEW and Ordered Way that comes from Ruby CORE of Terra and from the Perfection of Order in Maltese Cross. Maltese Cross is the Perfect Geometrical Right of Order IN Terra that makes Terra rise and that gives to Humanity to make Life One Ordered Whole. Nature Elements abide in the Order of Maltese Cross, an Order Active in LAW of Aquarian Age.  Because LAW of this Age has Commanded that Life needs Future, that Life needs Renewal. Therefore Maltese Cross is Ordered to be Present in Terra, Present as the formation of Ancient Flames. Every Flame of Ancient Times given by the Kumaras while creating Terra, may rise in Terra and then in Humanity. The Flames are Activated in the Immaculate Womb of Mother, ready to be Alive as Worthy and Pure Matter.

To make Life Pure, Perfect, Whole, Ordered, the Vision of Elohim is needed. The Origin that is in All, is needed. Celebrating the sites in Greece and enjoying the Righteousness of these sites, gives Light of the Ancient Places to Humanity. In the places are Ancient Flames. They were waiting for the Virgin to be Active again in Mother Terra. Now that Virginity has Awakened in the Righteous Power of Delphi, Terra can receive the Light of Elohim and the Truth of the Ancient Flames. It means NEW Life can be formed and Lived, Eternally in the Ability of Human Creativity.

© Ascending All

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