Mother, Altar, Queen

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Light of Aquarius is received by Terra because she is Crowned a Queen. This Crowning realises her Alignment with Sun and makes her responsive for the Light of the Aquarian Constellation. Because of this response she is able to Reflect the Light of Aquarius, whereby it is spread within her Body and within Human body. Her Right and Task to Nurture Human RACE, the Human Body, starts with this. Terra is Crowned to be Active in her Wish and to be Active in Solar System as Queen. A Queen may Reign and has Authority. Terra Reigns and has Authority. She Nurtures Humanity in her Right to give the Light of Aquarius.

Aquarian Light is combined with the Nature of her CORE. Which means the Ruby Truth of CORE is given in the Aquarian Promise and Destiny. Ruby Love can be created Divine and Eternal in the Wish and Will of Human RACE. RACE is Authorised to make Life Loving and Divine. To show the GOD Truth of Light in the form of Life, of Creation. Wishes in RACE are Detailed and can only be created in the Will that decides to Honour Terra her Authority as Queen. The Authority to Nurture and give, to spread the Aquarian Light in Reflection.

Queen Terra can be Immaculate Mother in the fact that she may Reflect the Light of Aquarius in its Clear and Pure Gift, its Clear Direction in the Principles of this Constellation. Queen Terra may Nurture in the Authority given to her by LAW, by Order in Governmental Right. The serious Act of Nurturance is an Authorised Act. Therefore it is Ordered Nurturance, an Ordered Right Expressed in Being Mother, Altar and Queen.

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