Mhura her Birth Right

Today we rise in the Right of Cosmos to be Inaugurated in the World of Cosmic Light. Cosmic Truth is to realise Life in the Sphere for Life created. Cosmic Truth is to interact as Details and formations to make Light the Motion of the Eternal Right she is. Cosmos is a gathering of Light, a Sphere in itself to bring forth the Beauty of Origin and of Original Light.

Mhura, you have created a world for the Teaching. A world in which your lessons can be given and understood. The Order you bring is Active in the Order of White Fire and may manifest itself in the Right of your Birth and of Human RACE. Ordered Union of Details is Way of Future, Way seen in your Identity and Vision. The Gift of Today is the Gift to your Birthright that comes forth in the Cosmic Intervention of the Twenty and Four. They intervened to bring forth the Light of your Teaching, of your Nature in Gift. In True Intertwine with your Light, Birth of your Vision is possible and Real.

Welcome the Stars that are Present today in the Inauguration of Time and Cosmic Light on Terra. Welcome the Stars who willingly give of themselves to bring MORE of your Right to Teach and MORE of your Ordered Truth. Life will manifest into the World you see and live in. Life will manifest in the Light that you bring to create Ordered NEW.

© Ascending All

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