Creative Nature of Humanity

ONE Voice of Nature gives Light and Right to Human Being to give Word in Life and to bring forth the message of HOPE. HOPE is the Glory of Nature and Humanity alike, the Nature of Being Human in Active and Worthy State. Truth of Nature is the Truth of Communion and Truth of Creativity IN the Rays of Sun. Reflective Moon shows Beauty of Creation, Beauty of its Creator. To see the Beauty of Humanity is to meet with the Detailed Identity and to realise the powerful gift of Creativity. Being Creator is being response able towards the Light and Right of Nature, towards the Action and Wish of Humanity.

Humanity is the Living Right of GOD in Action. We are response able to the Wish of our INNER and to the Natural Existence of our Actions. The Act to Create is the most Natural Act in Being a Human. To Honour the Light of Nature within ourselves and within Nature Kingdom creates Life in the upward Spiral, in the Ascension of All. Allness and Wholeness is created in the Wish of our Truth, which is the Nature of Being Human.

Humanity receives teachings to come to the point in which Wish Reigns and in which the Equal Truth of Nature and Humanity is fact. Learning to be Creative in Honour of the Light and in the response to this Light, is learning to be Creative to form Peace. To form the Free State of Eternity as LIFE. Living Reality of Sun and Moon is the Reality of Free Motion. Free Motion of our Will is the Gift to be Creative in Aquarian Motion, Aquarian Order. Cosmic Order is Active in the Aquarian Right and Reign. To Honour this Right and to be Active in this Reign, we receive Direction of Sun and Reflection of Moon. In the Union of planet Terra and Sun and Moon, we are able to respond to the Order in Cosmos. Within this Order we truly are Creative to make All Life MORE and to Honour the Light of Day.

The Voice of Nature is Honoured in Word. The Teaching for Human Nature is given in Word and in the Order of LAW. Celebrating Natural Human Being is celebrating the fact that Future is Present and that Future is made in the Aquarian Tone.


© Ascending All

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