Manifesting Purpose

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Manifesting the Purpose of Design and of Life, is done by focusing on Right that Lives within. Right is Active in Wish of Being, the CORE of Being that Wishes to be Expressed as Life and as form of GOD. The Allness of Life is the Expression of GOD in many Details, in many Wishes of CORE. ONE Order in CORE is Active to make Life Detailed and to realise Life Righteously and Right. When Expressing IN Right, Life is given Purpose and Direction in the Destined Way of Being. Destiny is the fulfilment of Living IN Light and Being Right in Expressing GOD. Way of Aquarian Tone and Resonance is Way of Being Active in the Colourful Expression of Wish.

When Wish is Active, Light of Nature is touched to make form of Wish. To make an Active form, or Active Life. Wish is the CORE Being of Being Human, of Being Alive on planet Terra and Breathing the Promise of this planet. Life with Purpose is created in Breathing Wishful and in Breathing Righteous. Nature response to the Active Wish in Human Being, to the Activity of Breath that moves with Terra and Order of Cosmos. Cosmic Order makes Right of Terra and gives Right on Terra. Right that Lives within, in CORE, is Right that is Active in Order of Cosmos. It is the Order in which Eternal LAW is Present, United with Ordered White Fire. ONE Way in fulfilling Destiny is Way of LAW and Order, Way of Nature that responds to CORE of Being Human. Human Being is Creative, IN Wish Creative.

Activate Wish and make Life Start in Right. Act in Wishful Expression and Create Destined Details in Righteous Way.

© Ascending All

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