Love in Creativity

The Love of GOD is the Power of Logos that comes forth in the Reality of Creativity and in the Tone of Aquarius. Uniting the Creative Power of MAN with the Tone of Aquarius, forms Future for All of Life. The Sound of Logos is Present within the Tone of Aquarius to encourage the Creative Right of MAN and to encourage the Righteousness of Reflection. Reflecting The Way in ONE Tone is Reflecting The Way of Ruby CORE in which the Love of GOD is Eternally Present. Expressing Ruby CORE and Rooting in Ruby CORE of Terra, is Rooting in the Divine Love. Whereby Growth is the consequence and in which Multiplication is possible.

Multiplication is done in Divine Love, in the Act to Create. Multiplying the Order of White Fire that is Present in CORE, is Multiplying the Love of GOD by applying the Will to Create and the Will to be Active in Tone of Aquarius. Aquarian Tone resonates with the Purpose of Life as it is currently given. Aquarian Tone IS the Resonance that makes Future possible and that gives to Eternal Life. Life is ONE Way, ONE Direction. Life is the Active Truth of Willingness to Create and of Being Present in the Light and Right of GOD and his LAW.

LAW Commands with the Gift of Sound and Right. LAW Commands to realise the Ordered Path in which MAN can be Creative and in which Reflection gives a Path to Create. The Creative Way of Humanity is a way of Union with Terra her CORE. Uniting with CORE and Being able to Accelerate the Light of CORE, makes Human RACE MORE. The Ability of Human Being is to Multiply in Union with CORE. In this Union, Multiplication is Real and Truly Right. Right of Human is the Right to Create and the Right to do so in the Tone of the Aquarian Constellation and Principles.

IN Aquarius, Love of GOD is made physical as the Divinity of Promised Life IN Light.

© Ascending All

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