Living NEW

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Living the NEW is Living the Tone of Aquarius and realising this Tone as Matter, as BODY, in the Motion of Light. Being Alive IN NEW is forming this NEW within the Education of Sun and Moon, within the Intelligence of the Origin. ONE Way is the Way of Destiny, which comes forth in the Motion of Light. Destined Living is Natural Living, Being Active in the Harmony of Nature and with Nature, Active in the Enlightened Consciousness. Awareness Enlightens Consciousness. Awareness makes Life NEW. In the Truth of Being Aware and the Truth of realising GOD Activity and Identity IN You, is The Way of HOPE and Renewal. Becoming Aware is the Gift in Education of Sun and Moon, the Right to Live Creative and Inspired.

Welcome the Light and Right of Sun and Moon to be Bright, to Shine and to realise Eternity. Welcome ONE Way in All Life, Breathing the Light of GOD Identity and the Truth of moving upward.

© Ascending All

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