Living Beauty

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Human Beings Live in Equal Right and are Able to realise NEW Terra with the Power and Order of CORE. Expressing CORE Identity gives Nature Elements and Beings the Signal to form Ordered and Beautiful. Ordered Creation Lives Eternal and makes Life more Beautiful. Ordered Creation is Truthful and shows Details, manifest to Honour ONE. In ONE is Destiny and in ONE is Way to come forth in the Purpose of Breathing and Living. ONE Way is The Way of Communion and is Righteous Expression of Life. Living in ONE Tone is the Promise of Aquarius and a Right given to All of Life. The Signal that Human RACE can give to Nature is the Sign to make Life MORE. MORE Life is Expression of Eternity and Expression of Living Tone. It is Nature its Wish to make Tone Sound and to make Details Seen in the Clarity of form. A form that Resonates as Aquarian Tone. 

Living Beauty is Truth of Equality in RACE and Nature. Living Beauty is the Equality that is Present when Order is fact. Fact of Life is that she moves and that she Lives in the Power of Human Creativity. Human Creativity is Right and Righteous and when Expressed from CORE it gives Ordered Creation. This Creation adds Light to its Creator. It Honours Creator and makes the Right Ability of Human Being MORE. The constant connection of Creator and Creation needs to Awaken in Consciousness of Human RACE. It will open an Honourable Truth in Being Human. 

© Ascending All

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