Live invites Life

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Creative Power is the Alchemical potential of Human Being. Being an Alchemist means to give of your Light in the Destined Right of giving this. Which means the Light is given as Love for Life, Love for the material Truth of Life and for the Spiritual Truth of Life. Making Life MORE in the Creative Ability of Human RACE is forming Truth as Future for All. Truth is the base in the Age of Aquarius, a base to realise Worthy Creativity. Being Creative to Honour Worth of Life and to manifest the Glory of Worth, is Being Creative in the Promise of the Aquarian Age and in the Beauty of your own Heart. Life is Promised to All and Life has given itself to itself in the birth of Humanity.

When a child is born, Life is given to Life. When a Human Being Awakens in its Creative Power, Creation is given to Life. Which means Life is given to Life. Life Invites itself over and over and over again, because Life is the Reality of Motion. Life is the Reality of Eternity. The Promise of Life as it is given to All of Humanity, is Eternity. It is the Promise of HOPE. Life Blossoms in HOPE and Life Invites NEW Light, NEW Acts and NEW Breath. IN HOPE. The Way of Humanity to be Creative is The Way of Life that Welcomes itself. It is The Way of Loving Truth and making Truth MORE in the Expression of Life. ONE Way is Way of CORE, a Way for All of Human RACE. All Live in the Power of Creativity and in the Willingness to bring forth the True and Right Potential of Life, of Human RACE.

The Potential to be an Alchemist is the Potential Alive in the Destiny of RACE and in Destiny of Terra. Terra embraces RACE and Nurtures her Truth. Terra welcomes the Alchemist, because she knows she will Flourish and becomes a HOME in the Power of Alchemical Love. Life IS Love when made in Alchemy, when made in the Creative Power that chooses to BE Light and chooses to Multiply Light.

© Ascending All

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