Light of Aquarius

The Light of Aquarius shines in the Trees and is given in Air to fill up the space of creation. All of Creation receives the Thrill and resonance of the Aquarian Constellation, able to be focused upon Sun and to Live and Grow IN the Light. The Righteousness of Creation is the fact that Creation can Grow in the Expansion of Cosmos and in the Creative Will and Wish of Human RACE. The more Human RACE expresses itself in the Willingness of the Wish to serve Light and to Honour the Aquarian Reign, the more Creation will Expand and changes into the Right of Aquarian Light.

This means creation will become Brighter and Brighter and will start to shine more and more, showing the Light of Aquarius. Aquarian Reality is the Reality of the Expressed Free Will. The Aquarian Reality is the Living Motion of Order in creation Active. Making HOPE a State of Creation and Living HOPE an Active part of Creativity. The Promised Truth of Aquarius to be Detailed is the Truth of Being, of Being Human. Creative Wish IN Will given realises Growth and Expansion. The Wish comes first and makes all MORE. The Light of Aquarius is Multiplied in the Expression of Wish, in the Expressed Power of ONE Way in All.

Nature is able to make Life MORE and Willing to receive the Aquarian Right as Light. Nature is IN Light of Aquarius Active to Blossom, to show the Colours of Aquarius and its Light. Manifesting the Aquarian Truth of Terra and RACE as ONE is manifesting the Colourful Worth of Detailed Creation. Welcome the Detailed Colours in Light and make Righteousness the Power of MORE Aquarian Reign. 

© Ascending All

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