Light in Spiralling Truth

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Conscious Awareness Lives to Accelerate Light into the Spiral of HOPE and to make Future Begin. The Right of Consciousness and the Light of Awareness realise the Acceleration of Light. Whereby Spiralling Truth is realised. Truth that spirals up gives Space for Creation to be Light, Bright and Ordered. In the Light that moves in the Acceleration Power of Aware Consciousness, Direction is Present and Order is Realised. The Order of Governmental Right is able to Live in the Motion of Light and can be formed in the Right of Light that comes forth in this Motion. Acceleration of Light serves the Purpose of an Ordered Creation, of an Ordered Whole.

ONE Way is The Way of Wholeness as Creation and in Creation. ONE Way is the Light that Accelerates and moves in the Spiralling Truth. This is an upward Motion, an upward Reality. All Life comes forth in the Gift of Realised Nature. A Gift of Nature IN Order of Spiralling Truth, IN the Spiral of Ascension. Ascension is Real in the Order of Moving Light, in the Direction that serves All. Ascension is Future when the Acceleration of Light is HOPE and serves the Ordered Creation. Living Aware and Living Conscious and Being Active in these two, is Living to give Life a form of Order, a form that serves Allness and Wholeness. Serving Wholeness is choosing to Accelerate Light and to make Ascension the Living NEW and Right.

Active Spirals of Truth, of Accelerated Light, are Aligned with the Governmental Power of GOD and make Space for HOPE to Blossom and for Order to Grow. 

© Ascending All

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