Light IN Right for All

The Light in this world Lives by the Power of Human RACE that is Creative in Wish and able to form Light into Creation. The Will to realise Life Ordered, Well and Clear is the Will to apply the Light of GOD for the GOOD of All. Life Wishes All Well, which means Life Wishes to be and do GOOD for All. This Wish in itself is the Right of Light. Light has the Right to do GOOD. Within this Right is the Direction for Life. Hearing and understanding this Direction in the Age of Aquarius is being able to form Life that IS GOOD and that is made by the Hand of GOD in Human RACE.

RACE IS GOD in the Creative Wish and Will. RACE is the Power of the Alchemist, a Power that can only be given when connected with CORE or Origin. The Original Way of Living is the Way in which Light is Multiplied. In which Light is Activated to touch all IN Direction. Directed Light is Multiplied and Directed Light can be formed into the Perfect World of ONE Loving and Living Way. Truthful Design is the Order for Life, an Order in which GOOD can Blossom.

Blossoming GOOD is the Blossom of Right IN Light. The Blossom of ONE Direction that gives All ONE Way and ONE Clear and Ordered Life. Creative Human RACE is RACE in the Willingness to serve All and to make Life MORE. This is done in the Lines of LAW. These Lines give Order and emphasise the Righteousness of Light and the Direction within this Light. ONE active Design is the Order of Truth and the Lines of LAW bring a Path to make Truth the Living Order of Life.

Honouring the Light of GOD and Right in this Light, is Honouring the Age of today. To make Life Aquarian and to form Life in the Ordered Lines of LAW that does all GOOD, because it gives Right to All and to the Light IN Direction given. Manifesting the Promise of ONE RACE is Obeying the Light of VOW that Lives in RACE. From VOW we can rise as ONE United RACE in ONE Way and realise GOOD Life for All in the Motion of Eternity.

© Ascending All

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