Life calls LAW

Life calls for the LAW to be determined and powerful, to realise the vastness of Light and the Space of Right that is needed for Nature Elements. Every Element Lives in the Bliss of Nature and in the Righteousness of ONE Way and Direction. Direction is Active and full of Right Opportunity to be given to the Elements and to Humanity itself. ONE Direction is given in the Promise to realise ONE Way for all of Humanity and for Terra. Terra gives Space to the Flames in RACE, a Space to materialise the wish in Flame and to form the Home for All. This Home is the Presence of Father and Mother as ONE, in which the Nature of Human Wish abides.

Right to Create is Right to be Powerful in the Wish of All. A Wish that is Active in the Promise of All Nations and of All Details. ONE Living Way is the Living Right of Human RACE. A Right in which we Accelerate the Light of GOD and the Order of White Fire. IN White Fire is Way to come forth in Design and in Blueprint. IN White Fire is the Essence for Living and the Promised Heart of Mother. LAW gives Lines to Humanity to be Creative in Right and to form the Living Purpose of Aquarius. This Purpose may be activated in the Land of Ice and Fire and specifically given to the Elements of Nature. For every Element wishes to materialise itself and every Element comes forth in the Blissful Truth of ONE Direction.

The Perfection of Design is the Living Promise of ONE Truthful Act. Perfection of Design is the Gift to come forth in ONE Active Way. We live The Way in Order and we form The Way in Honoured Right. ONE Right is Creative in the formations of GOD’s Light and Order. ONE Right is Ordered in the Northern Light. Light calls for the Creative Way, The Way for ONE Direction in the Promised Truth. Welcome the Power of LAW in the Gift to be Creative. Welcome the Power of Living in the Active Right to form HOPE and Home, to form the Essence of Aquarian Living IN Right.

© Ascending All

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