Learning and Teaching rooted in Fire and Ice

Mother is Calling to children of GOD to Awaken the Right to Create and to learn. This Right Lives within, in Ordered White Fire. In the Command to Multiply and to Order Life. Immaculate Vision is given to Accelerate Light in the Living Right of Aquarius and in the Living Lines of LAW. LAW is given to enhance the Light of Aquarius in the Creative process of Humanity. When Humanity learns, RACE will create the NEW Way. Which is The Way of the Cross, of Maltese Cross, that brings forth the Righteousness of Nature and Humanity.

IN Maltese Cross is the Eye of the Mother. IN the Centre of Being is her Vision to give the Immaculate Concept into the cross, into the form of Aquarian Right. Right of Aquarius is to Live IN Allness, IN Action of ONE Design. Right of Aquarius is to Live Natural and IN Beauty, being able to respond to the Detailed Wish in Ordered White Fire. CORE of Humanity is United with the Power of ONE Design and Way. CORE of Humanity is United with the Centre of Maltese Cross. In the act of Alchemical Creativity, the Cross Maltese is formed in Right and Multiplication.

We learn to create. We learn to be Creative according to our Will. We learn to Accelerate the Light and to live the Right of Aquarius as ONE Living Truth. Welcome the Teaching in all of its aspects. Welcome the Right that is Rooted in the Land of Fire and Ice to learn and to teach. This Right Lives Eternal and manifests the Glory of ONE RACE in Eternal Creativity and Eternal Direction.

© Ascending All

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