Kings Day

Netherlands is focused on the Light of the King to Celebrate the Promise of a Golden Future. When the Attention is focused upon the Reality of One King and Queen, the Attention is focused upon the Gold of Aquarius and upon the Future of this Age. Which means this day may be used and applied to realise the Golden Future of the Netherlands as it is a country of Communion. The Power of the Netherlands should not be underestimated. It is small, but powerful in its Gift of Willingness to Unite and Commune, the will to cooperate and come forward in NEW Ways and Opportunities.

You may focus the Power of this day on the Will to Commune, the Will to Live Future and to come forward in the Light that gives Order and MORE. The Right of Djwal Kul to be the Representative, Host and Lord of the Netherlands is the Right to be Active in creating Community within the Age of Aquarius. The Constellation of Aquarius Activates the Detail of the Netherlands and makes it Shine. When the people in The Netherlands are focused upon the Orange Beauty of the Royalty, we may apply this focus to make the Light of Royalty MORE and to Direct this Light into the Golden Future of the Netherlands and therefore of Europe.

The Orange Beauty may be Celebrated because it is the Beauty of the Healthy Future, of the Wealth that comes from the INNER Faith and Promise of ONE Way for All. The Netherlands realise ONE Way for All in the Truth of the Power of Community. Which is the Truth for Details to be United and to be Active in ONE Direction and Purpose. Celebrate the Right of King to Reign in the Royal Power and to Direct the land IN Aquarian Faith.

© Ascending All

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