Invitation to Liberation

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In the philosophy of John the Baptist the Word is given to Liberate GOD’s people, to Free the Mind and Spirit. In order to realise the Liberation from our own way of thinking, from the path created by our human hands, the Expansion of Consciousness is needed. And the Enlightenment of Awareness. And by Awareness. Awareness is able to Enlighten Consciousness, to start to see what we think and how we think or even why we think as we do. Why do we see the world as we see and experience it? What makes us human in this world and what is our purpose in this creation? To be able to find Real answers on these questions, one must be willing and prepared to truly see and find an answer. One must be willing to become Aware of the Actions, ideas and thoughts in Human Consciousness.

True Liberation is the Expansion of Consciousness or the Enlightenment of entire Consciousness of Humanity. We live how we think we need to live, we believe what we are supposed to believe and we mostly see life as we are taught to see it. This means we are not truly able to see with new eyes, to see and ask questions. We cannot truly wonder or be amazed about Life itself or by ourselves. Simply because our consciousness is not free.

Being really able to see with a NEW Eye, starts by attuning yourself with the Light of this Age and with Creation as it is formed. It starts by seeing what we have created and how we have done so. When you see this, the steps to the Liberation of Creativity, of Human its CORE Activity, can be made. Facing GOD is facing Life as it is formed. Facing the reality of our current Creation. Realising that we can create NEW and that we are able to Truly face GOD when we know that we can respond to the Light of this Age. The Aquarian Age Invites us to respond to its Light, to its LAW, to its Principles. This Invitation Lives every day and every moment. Every moment when we choose, when we form, when we create, we are Invited to Act within the Resonance of the Aquarian Truth, the Aquarian Way. Our Human CORE Resonates with this Way, The Way of Aquarius. Our CORE is able to Express this Way, to Live this Way. Our Consciousness and Awareness can be attuned with the Promise of Aquarius, the Promise of HOPE. And we can realise Life within this Promise. Within the Power of this Truth. Just we choose to Order our Mind and Heart and Actions according to the Light and Right of Aquarius. Just we choose to Liberate the past in the HOPE of Future, the HOPE that makes Life Real and MORE.

© Ascending All

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