Immaculate Right to Create

The Immaculate Right to Create and to be Human fulfils itself in the Activity of Human Being that chooses to learn. Choosing to learn is choosing to live with Sun and Moon. It is the choice to Honour these two and their Oneness. Out of this Oneness come the colours of Eternity, the Colours that paint the world and LIFE. Learning is a process of Honesty and Honouring. The process that gives fulfilment and which is the ONE Opportunity for the Immaculate Conception to unfold as Eternal Detail. In order to learn one needs the Teachers in North and one needs to be Honourable towards the Light. When learning, Order of White Fire will be Revealed and INNER will become known in the process. From this INNER can come Creation. A Creation from CORE and thus from Ordered White Fire. The Right of White Fire to Blossom and to be Detailed comes to pass in the Immaculate Right to Create.

Every Human Being can Create. And every Human Being can learn. But the choice to learn is needed to be able to learn. The choice to move with the tides of the Ages, with the Order in Cosmos. When choosing to live with Sun and Moon, one lives with the tides of the Ages. And one can learn. The Right to learn is for All. The choice to fulfil this Right is in Free Will. Right is a given. Honouring what is Right and what is given, is a choice that is made by every individual. Even in the smallest of things.

Now that the Immaculate Right is Revealed and now that Aquarius is an Active Age, learning is a necessity. At least when you or when Human RACE wants to continue LIFE and wants to continue to Create this LIFE. Direction in Sun is received in North and given in every Teaching. Every Teaching from North gives Opportunity to hear the Direction to Create Aquarius and to make this Age Reality. Matter welcomes the Power of Well and White Fire as one. Matter chooses to fulfil the Immaculate Way of Living and giving. A Way of learning.

© Ascending All

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