Human and Nature in Obedience

In Nature is Opportunity to Expand Cosmos, to Expand Life. Nature Elements and their riches can be taught to Accelerate the Light within themselves to manifest the Resonance of the Aquarian Age and Principles. Which means Nature Elements can be form within this resonance. Teaching the Elements to be Aquarian and to Honour the Light of the Aquarian Age, is teaching them to Accelerate the Light within themselves and to Obey the Principles of Aquarius within Human RACE. Whenever Human Being Directs or Reflects to form Life, Elements of Nature will Obey the Aquarian Truth in this Direction or Reflection. Forming the Right of Aquarius and giving Righteous Life to RACE and planet Terra.

It means Nature Elements and RACE cannot be separated. Nature and Humanity function as ONE Way and ONE Direction. They are under Command of the same LAW and hear the Tone of Aquarius. Both Nature and Human Being are Obedient to the Order of Aquarius and to the Ordered Wholeness of Cosmos. Which means Nature and Human Being are Equal and Active in the Right to Create and the Right to be form. The Truth of Aquarius is shown in Nature Elements, when they are Active in the Tone of Aquarius and realise the form that is Righteous Life.

Righteous Life is Life in the Truth of Aquarius. Life in the Resonating Power of Government and of LAW. The Right that comes with Order, is Right that does Right to all particles of Life. All Particles that hear the Tone, will realise the formations that are ordered by this Tone. The Tone of Aquarius Reigns and makes the Ordered Wholeness of Life a fact in the Obedient Nature of Elements. RACE is Naturally Obedient as well and is Ordered and asked to Awaken in this Nature. To make Righteous Life The Way for All and for ONE that Reigns.

© Ascending All

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