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A NEW Star rises, a NEW Sun Directs. And the Promise of HOPE starts to Live in the Beauty of 2022, in the Beautiful Beginning of a NEW Day. This year is a year of HOPE, of Prosperity and of Creative Future. We will celebrate the NEW Light and Vision given by Elohim, to materialise Life from the Origin and its Intent. The Intent of the Origin is IN Creator. This Intent may Expand in the Willingness of Human RACE and in the Will to create. Creating with the Power of the Origin and with the Order of White Fire, is creating with the Promised Light. This Light may manifest the CORE of planet Terra as Life. As Earthly Life. Which means Life is the United Truth of the Four Nature Elements, showing One form and on Terra this is the Earthly form. Water, Air, Fire and Earth are Unified in the Great Intent of Creator to Create and Multiply. In this Intent is the Original Imagination that Activates the Elements of Nature to respond to the Will to create. Responding to Will is building Life, making Life in the HOPE of the Destiny in Terra. 

Aquarius is the Age to materialise HOPE, to Live the Prophecy of John the Baptist. In this Age Matter is Divine because she is Reborn in the Spirit of the Virgin and in the Spirit of Terra that gives All Breath and Equality. The Truth of the Emerald Tone gives All facets of GOD a Way to Live, Breathe and be Happy. A Way to Create from the Intent of Creator, the Intent that is Original and IN Origin Rooted. Rooted Creative Power is magnificent and Alchemical. It is extremely Powerful and able to Direct Nature to build a HOME for All. To build the Perfection of Geo, the Perfection of the Lines in LAW given. 

Human RACE can build a wonderful Life, an Eternal Earthly Life. But Humanity needs the Teachings to be able to do so. Teaching to Activate Consciousness in realising Awareness and in realising the Goal of Living. In Goal is The Way and is The HOPE of Future. In Goal is Righteousness and Right use of the Light and Energy given to make Life MORE and Whole. 

© Ascending All

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