Gratitude gives Life

March is the month in which Spring comes, a month that shows that Life continues after darkness. But Truth is that Life grows after being Rooted, after being rested and anchored within. In Winter Nature and Life go within to focus upon the Light and Origin of Life. To realise itself to be able to Express itself in Summer, in the Beautiful outburst of Light. Spring is the Season that shows that Life continues, but only when we realise ourselves from within. When we Grow upon the base of Anchored Reality.

World shows chaos, darkness, doubt and disobedience. Which means life is created from this. Life needs a platform for Growth, a base to Blossom. This base is given in the Power of Truth, in Ordered Truth. This base is given in the Existence of planet Terra. Terra is the planet that we may Root in. She gives her Nurturance, her Light, to make Life Grow. In March we will focus our attention upon Gratitude. Because from Gratitude, the actions of humanity will realise Rooting. IN Gratitude towards Life, towards Light, Direction can be given to make All Grow and to make Future Real.

We all long for Abundance. We all long for Wholeness. We all long to be Comfortable. When we come to know the Power of Gratitude, we can start to walk the Path of Light. Which is the Path in which Spring shows Rooted Light as Life. A Path that gives us the continuity of Life.

Welcome the Right that Lives in Gratitude. It is the Right to be Creative IN the Allness of GOD and IN the Vision of the All Seeing Eye. 

© Ascending All

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