Explanation to introduce you to AscendingAll.

Angels serve Human RACE its Creative Ability. Creating in Equality with Nature ensures a certain Harmony in which Angels and Archangels can function. The function of Angels is to assist Human RACE while Creating NEW Life and NEW Way. Light of Angels keeps the Spirit high, literally. It is a supportive Light that embraces Humanity and Human Body to fulfil its task in creating Life.

Masters are the ones who have lived on Terra and have been creating within the Order of Cosmos. Realising the Ascending Spiral of Life. Because Human RACE and planet Terra need to be infused with the Ascending Spirals of Light before RACE can create this Eternally and Awake, Masters bring this inducement. Their Presence is a Light in the world that can only be found as soon as Human RACE starts to create the Spiralling Truth of Light and Life.

Both Angels and Masters have part in the Wholeness of Life, part in the Order of Cosmos.

To manifest Order of the Aquarian Constellation in Life on planet Terra, LAW is Present and Active. The Order of Aquarius that Lives in Cosmos is Active on Earth by the Presence and Lines of LAW. Lines of LAW are given to enable Human RACE to create within the Ordered Truth of Aquarius, the Truth that Reigns entire Cosmos now. LAW is Love giving Human RACE Opportunity to Live and to create Ordered Aquarian Life on planet Terra.

To bring Life forward in the Light and Motion of Cosmos and the Order that Reigns in Cosmos.

The Aquarian Age is the materialisation of the Impulses, Light and Order of the Aquarian Constellation. Constellation of Aquarius Reigns in the Order of Cosmos to give of her Details and Qualities, which is Opportunity for planet Terra and Human RACE to Awaken in an Ordered Way of Living and to walk a NEW Path in Life.  

As website it gives inspiration for all to realise ourselves as Human Beings in a NEW Age. This Inspiration leads to Integration and Transformation. This entails a physical change of our life and world.

AscendingAll means All Human Beings are able to Ascend. The Path of Ascension is given in the Age of Aquarius to bring forth NEW Life in which All Live the Ascending Motion. This Motion is Eternal and the Right to Live Eternal Life. 

To bring forth the vibration of Aquarius, her Order and her Light in Consciousness and Awareness of Human RACE. All that is written activates the Awareness in Human RACE. Therefore Human RACE is able to Align more and more with the Impulses and Direction of Aquarius given in Sun Light. It gives Inspiration to continue the Path of HOPE and to apply the Natural Creative Ability of Being Human.

Teachings and writings combined give a firm base for the Awakening and ultimately for the Ascension of Human RACE and Terra.

In the Order and LAW of Aquarius it is given that Human Beings and Beings of Nature are Equal. In Aquarius Human Being will consciously create with the Light and Gift of the Four Nature Elements (Water, Air, Fire and Earth). The Fifth Element is the Detailed Light that Lives within Human Being itself. As a Communion of Details and Abilities, Nature and Human Being give Equally to form Life and to BE Life.

The Reality of this will be Natural Life of Human RACE. Which is Life in and as the Bliss of Nature, known by Buddha. Living Equal with Nature as Human Being, gives the fulfilment of Bliss and Eternity in the Spiralling Truth of Ascending Light. In Teaching we learn to welcome Nature and to find Equality with Nature in ourselves and in our body.

Sun and Moon bring Motion of Eternity for Planet Terra. Light of Direction in Sun Rays and the Reflection of these Rays in Moon Light, are a Motion, a Dance. The Dance of Sun and Moon is Motion given to Life on planet Terra in which Human RACE creates Life according to the Order that Reigns in Eternity.

Light of Sun is infused with the Order and Principles of Aquarius, of the Aquarian Constellation. This Order touches Life and Lives in the Dance of Sun and Moon, whereby Terra is Active in the Order given. From this Order Terra and RACE can Ascend and can Live the Motion of Eternity as Eternal Life.

Because Human Beings need to learn how to interpret and receive NEW Impulses that Reign Cosmic Order and Motion. The Aquarian Constellation is Active now in Cosmos, Authorised to give of itself. Since Human RACE hasn’t Lived within the Reign of Aquarius or within the Impulses of this Constellation, it needs to learn to hear and align with the Light of Aquarius. Aligning yourself with the Order in Cosmos, gives fulfilment and a Natural Motion in Life of All.

The Constellation of Aquarius is a Communion of Stars. Each Star is a Detail within the Oneness of this Constellation. Human Beings, Nature and planet Terra are given the Light of these Detailed Stars, are given the power of Communion. Teaching shows us a Way of Living within the Power of Communion of Details, a NEW Order in Cosmos.