Glory of Aquarius

The Glory of Aquarius is the Glory of Details formed in the Wishful Truth of Human Identity. The Glory of Aquarius is the fulfilment of its Destiny. The process to come to this fulfilment is The Way of Life, the Way of Creativity IN Human RACE. IN RACE is the Promise to be Creative and IN RACE is The Way that makes Life unfold Destined and Equal, Free and Harmonious. All are Free in the Gift of Creative Power, the Gif that makes Life MORE. Creative Power is Active in the Wish of Human RACE, the Wish that makes All MORE. Believing the Tone of Aquarius as Way and Honouring this Tone IN the Actions and choices, realises the Aquarian form. Every form that is Aquarian and that Honours the Ordered Truth of Cosmic Motion, is the Glory of Details. It shows the Detailed Identity of Human Beings and the Truth of Creativity.

The Aquarian Age is above all the Age in which Human RACE is seen and acknowledged as the Creative ONE. As the Alchemist. Aquarius makes sure that Humanity changes its Self perception and the experience of its Self Worth. Expressing the Detailed Promise and Right of Being Human creates Life, Beautiful Life that is Righteous to All. Which means All Details are served for their Worth and are given Opportunity to Express the Worthiness of Wish and Will in Creativity.

© Ascending All

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