Gift of Violet Planet

ONE Life is the Gift in Violet Reign

ONE Way is Destined in the Right to create

One Path is Free and connected to CORE

ONE Will is Active to make All of Life MORE

In the Promise of the Violet Planet towards planet Terra, it has been said that Terra may receive the Power of the Violet Action and Expression in order to realise her Freedom. Which means the Vision of the Violet planet is to give Violet Fire to Terra in which she is able to first maintain her Orbit around the Sun and secondly to transform herself within this Orbit while honouring the Light of Sun. The more Humanity may know of the Violet Power the more Humanity can apply its Right and Action in daily Life. And the more we can come to know what this entails and what this means.

We are not alone in Cosmos, not alone in our Wish to make Life MORE. The Violet Planet will continue its Gift as long as we are willing to receive it.

© Ascending All

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