We arrive in the Order to realise Geometry as the shape of Love, the shape of Eternal Perfection. The Ordered Right to Create and the Ordered Action to be Creative, realises the form of Life. This form may be given in the Geometry of White Fire, which is the Geometry IN White Fire Order Expressed. When Human Being Creates from CORE, from the Rooted State in Terra, Human being creates Life Geometrical. Which means Creation will show the Purity, the Perfection and the Transparency of White Fire Order. Creation is the Immaculate version of ONE and of the Detailed ONE, when Geometry is formed.

The lines of Order IN White Fire realise the geometrical shapes of a creation coming from White Fire Order. The Perfect Way to be Creative is the Way that comes from CORE. A Way that is full of Action, but focused within. From within the centre of Being Creative and from the centre of Maltese Cross, a Geometrical Creation comes to pass. Every Human Being is a Detail that Wishes to create and to give of this Detail. Every Human Being is Creative and therefore able to make Life Geometrical and to make Life Pure and Clear. To do this, the attention must be focused within, on the INNER.

INNER is the CORE and the Governmental Right of White Fire that is Commanded to be Life.  White Fire is Commanded to realise itself as form. Geometry is the Truth of Lines IN Government that makes the expression of White Fire an Ordered Creation. For White Fire to be life, Geometry is Active. The Geometry that comes from the Power of Melchizedek and that Lives IN the Order of Maltese Cross. Welcome the Geometrical Truth in Creation. Welcome the fact that Human RACE is Creative to make White Fire a Geometrical shape. To form Life Ordered, Perfect and Geometrical.

© Ascending All

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