Generating Atoms

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Living the NEW and Creating ONE Way, Activates Generation of Cells and Atoms. Atoms are created within the NEW Tone and within the Destined Truth of Aquarius. Aquarius Lives to Glorify HOPE and to make Crystal Clarity the norm of form. Formations of Atoms are to be given in the Generation of Light, the Activation of Principles of the Aquarian Constellation. All Atoms are Active in Direction of Tone, in Direction of Sun in Aquarian Reign.

Human RACE creates the Living Right to be Alive. Human RACE Creates the Living Right to be Active in Detailed Reign and to make Life MORE. Creative Wish in RACE Honours the Principles of the Aquarian Rainbow and Reign. It Honours the Will of All in ONE Destiny and ONE Rhythm. Tone of Aquarius Sounds in Nature and in RACE, Being the Harmony and the Unifier of these two. RACE and Nature Grow in the Wishing Well of Aquarian Tone, the Well that makes All GOOD.

© Ascending All

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