Future in Peace

In Ray of Peace and in Future Right is Way of Family Flame Active. The Right to Create and to manifest the Destined Creation from Creative CORE is Free and Active in Peace. The Motion of Creative Power and Wish Lives in the continuous Right of HOPE that makes All Life Able to fulfil Destiny as given in Prophecy and in Eternity. ONE Way for Human is Way of Destined Reality, the Reality of Blossoming Power in Will. Humanity is Willing to come forth in the Right of Future. Which means Humanity chooses to form Future in the Destiny of Aquarius and the Destiny of Eternity. Within the Destiny of Eternity the Ages can continue to give of itself in the Ordered Right of Cosmos.

Cosmic Motion guarantees the Motion of Life and Light. Within this Motion is Destiny and Forgiveness. The Forgiveness of past and the Way of Future are given in the Eternal Motion of Order. This Order is the Living base for Life of Human RACE. Creating the Peaceful manifestation of Atoms and Cells, of Human Beings in Communion, is creating the Path of Peace and making Future in Capricorn Reality. Capricorn will be the Age of Peace and Glory. An Age in which Peace finds her Way within Human RACE and as Creation. The Power of Peace may Awaken more and more in the Truth of HOPE that shines in Aquarius. All Life given from CORE Expands in the Right of Aquarius to Blossom as HOPE and to make way for Future. Future unrolls in the Destiny of the Golden Aquarian Reign. This Reign welcomes Future in the Eternal facets of MORE.

Creating ONE Way and ONE Eternity is creating the Living Right of Order in the Constellation that Life is, in the Communion that Life is. Family Flame Enlightens the Opportunity IN Communion to live forward and upward in the Peaceful Motion of Destined Ray. Living the Ray of Peace is Living the Promise of HOPE and the Creative Right of Humanity. ONE RACE Welcomes Future in Peace and in Order. ONE RACE Lives to make Terra the Altar for Eternal Life.

© Ascending All

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