Full Moon of Sirius

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Reflection of Moon is Order of Sirius. This Order is given for Life to Blossom, to be Created in the Promise of Faith. Moon shines in Sea to bring forth the Power of Order and to give Nature the Pulsating Truth that Life can renew itself in the Direction of GOD. IN GOD is Creator and the Plan Divine that has made Terra. A Plan is Active to renew Life and to bring forth the Light of ONE Living Truth, ONE Living Tone. Tone is Alive in the Right of Aquarius, in the Right that Blesses the Sea and the Wind with Order. In Order is Way of the CORE, Way of the Wish. IN Order is the Perpetual Stream of Love that gives of itself to the Blossoming Oneness of Allness. In All is Way, IN All is the Order of Sirius Power. 

Today the Moon starts the Day to bring Order and Government in the Atoms and cells. Today Moon Awakens All in the Ordered Right to create from Wish, from INNER of Goodness. Being GOOD is Being able to create the Living Motion of ONE Direction. This Direction is Active in Sun and will be empowered in the Solstice of Winter. Empowering the Gift of Order and Direction is Empowering Humanity to give Self, to give ONE and to Realise True Order in LAW its Gift. 

Obeying spreads Order and LAW. Obeying makes Way for the Power of Love to be given from CORE and to touch the Cells in ONE Constellation.  

© Ascending All

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