Full Moon of Service

Moon Lives to Clarify Future and to make Service to the Destiny of Aquarius a fact. Fact is that Moon is Active in her Fullness to Glorify the Power of Human RACE in which she is creative. The Alchemical Power of ONE Way and of ONE Destiny is embedded in the Wish of RACE. Fulfilling the Service to Destiny IN Terra is Living the Wish of Humanity and making this Wish the form of Creation. Being Creative is Being able to serve the Right and Light of Wishful Living and Acting. The Fullness of Moon shows the Power of Wish IN RACE and enables all of Humanity to realise that Wish is the Living Motion within.

Motion of Light is Active in Wish and Order of White Fire is Active in Wish. The Activity of Origin in ONE Way and ONE Destiny manifests the Power to Live IN Service, while moving with this Activity. All of Life is Able to Clarify itself in the Reflection of Moon and in the Active Promise of Destined Living. Future unrolls in the Activity of Wish and Future is formed in the Active Desire to serve All of Life IN Original Destiny and form.

Becoming Human in the act to Create is becoming the Fullness of Wish as Expression. A Clear Expression is the Reflection itself and shows a Destined Way for All, IN All and to all. This Destined Way forms in the Power of Service and the Right to create while serving. The manifestation of Aquarius is Activated by the Reflective Power of Moon that gives Light to All and that Reflects the Perfect Direction of Sun. Sun Directs to Live Aquarius, Sun Directs to BE Aquarian and Sun Directs to give Wish in Motion of Light.

Welcome the Full Moon in her Clarity and in her Beauty that Service IS.

© Ascending All

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